Hello Valuable Repipe 1 Client,

You are the number ONE reason why Repipe 1, Inc. is #1 in service, quality and price in California for the past 15 years. We repiped over 15,000 homes and apartments over the years and we always put our client and their home first with the best value and quality in the industry. Here are several reasons why Repipe 1 is #1 in California for the past 15 years. My repiping industry competitors and I will provide you a glossy repipe folder showing you our company content and product knowledge, however, we will not charge you anything for that glossy folder, they will charge you big bucks for that glossy folder and make you believe that they are #1. We repipe over 50 houses per week so we can secure a fair price because we buy our materials by the truck load so we can pass the discounts straight to you. We only use USA MADE pipe, fittings and valves from the finest manufacturers in the country. We promise a start and a finish time and stand behind our promises to get you back to your own regular schedule. I provide my cell phone number on my website to any client that may have questions for me anytime. My competitors DO NOT provide you direct verbal access to the owner of their repipe company. You would need to pass through several channels of their employees to speak to the repipe company owner. I take ALL AND ANY my clients phone calls anytime and ALWAYS because REPIPE 1 is #1 because of you and your valued home. I guarantee satisfaction to all my clients and stand behind every repipe with our 100% lifetime and satisfaction warranty. Repipe 1 works on a 100% referral rate because I provide my clients great service, quality and value ALWAYS. I appreciate you taking the time to view my website and if you have any questions please feel free to call my cell phone number below anytime....I do answer my cell number upon the first couple of rings and I am ready to help anytime to make your repiping experience #1.


Thank you in advance,

Daniel Zilberberg President, Repipe1 ,

Cell phone: 818-481-2627


Repipe 1




Specializing in All Materials -Copper piping and PEX piping which is approved in all USA 50 states including No. & So. California and Nevada 

While we want to earn your business, we want to make sure your health is at our hearts.