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Where do we start …You guys ROCK!!! You have literally changed our lives. I know it sounds silly, but it’s totally true.

For years we have been cursed with extremely low water pressure. It had become a way of life to turn off the washing machine or dishwasher when we needed to take a shower. Both showers on at the same time, was unheard of. It was common practice to turn on the kitchen faucet, and wait and wait for the trickle of water to become hot enough to wash our dishes. Oh, we shudder at the thought of the gallons of water that were wasted over the years. We even had hollow ice cubes because our ice maker wasn’t getting enough water pressure to fill up the tray! It was pathetic – but that’s just how it was in the Lahr household … until Repipe 1 showed up.

At the beginning of this whole process we were a bit nervous due to cost, holes in newly remodeled and painted walls, permits, and how long it would take. We called around and received a few quotes. Not only was Repipe 1 lowest, but the most professional. They took care of everything. Jim was such a pleasure to work with. He went step by step through the whole process and completely put our minds ease. He was also quick to respond to any our questions or concerns. We figured, with Jim as the company’s representative, we were definitely in good hands.

On Friday morning, Angel, Andrew and Salvador showed up bright and early. We did a walk through the house and they got right to work. In one day they had the entire house repiped, new shower/bath fixtures installed, a new kitchen faucet, a new water heater installed, and the water back on by 5pm. On Saturday, they came back and installed the main water line, tweaked a few items, and cleaned everything up. We were so grateful for how respectful Angel, Andrew, and Salvador were of our needs and our house. By Saturday – our lives were officially changed forever. On Sunday, we had the washing machine, dishwasher, and someone was taking a shower in the master bath and not one complainant. Our daughter even flushed the toilet during it all!

Two days later, they had a patch crew come out and patched up all the holes. I seriously think that the patch jobs look better than the area did originally.

Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier!!!!

Date of Posting: 29 May 2015
Posted By: Kurt & Kelly Lahr
130 Port Royal Ave, Foster City, CA 94404
To: Jim Michaelson, General Manager

14724 Ventura Blvd. Suite 507

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


I want to thank you and your very capable, and efficient crew for re-pipeing our home.

After experiencing one slab leak about 8 years ago in this same house, I was driven to avoid the invasive approach to include pavement breakers destroying our floors to expose the copper pipes inside our concrete slab.

I called you on Saturday, September 18, 2010 to introduce the slab leak issue. You met with me on Monday, September 20, 2010 to confirm the slab leak and explain the re-pipeing process vs the invasive process.

I signed your proposal on September 20, 2010 and your crew came at about 8:00 AM Monday, September 20, 2010. They stayed until about 9:30 PM with the water on and the debris cleaned up.Tuesday at about 8:00 AM your patch crew showed up to do the prep work in advance of the inspector.The Inspector for the City of Irvine appeared about 11:00 AM and was both impressed with the work performed and the clean up.

The inspector checked each and every joint both inside and outside our home, signed off on the job and complimented me on my selection of contractors.Your patch crew was driving down our driveway by 3:00 PM and there was no evidence that any re-pipeing activities had occurred.

We had a birthday party on Saturday 26 for my wife that included 80 + guests … no one noticed anything had happened, most importantly, no one believed me that our home had been repiped in the time frame claimed.

You and your staff are my “new best friends”.

Thank you for your expertise, honesty and doing exactly what you promised in the nearly impossible time frame required.

Kindest Regards,
Date of Posting: 26 March 2015
Posted By: Richard and Susan Steele
Irvine, CA

Just a quick e-mail to let you know how pleased Mrs. Karshner and I are with the excellent work done by your repiping and patching crews. Each was fast, professional and courteous and left the premises in immaculate condition. I will be happy to recommend REPIPE1, and you may feel free to refer potential clients. Have them contact me at the phone number listed below.

Thanking you again for your terrific service, I remain

Yours sincerely,
Date of Posting: 29 January 2015
Posted By: Roger Karshner
760-770-9616, Rancho Mirage, California
To Jim and the staff of Repipe1,

I would personally like to thank you, and your company for the outstanding job of repiping my house. The selection process to hire your company was not only based on your low price, but also from the professionalism you showed during your visit, and from the previous customers I had spoken to regarding their own experiences.

Prior to hiring your company, I received two other bids for the same job and both bids were at least $1500 higher. One company was over $2000 higher and they were not going to do the all the work that your company was going to do.

The other company whose name I will not mention immediately turned me off with their high pressure sale and scare tactics. Not only did I not appreciate the tactics being employed on me, but I became irritated when the gentleman from the company would not leave my house unless I signed on with them! I finally had to be forceful and tell him to leave. I also did not appreciate the fact that he completely bad mouthed the other companies stating that they all did sub-par work including the materials used. Well he couldn't have been more wrong.

A week after hiring your company, your crew showed up at my house and did a walk thru with me regarding what they were going to do, how they were going to do it, and best of all when the water was going to be turned off. "Angel" and his two other co-workers started right away, putting down tarps and taping up plastic so that dirt and dust would not enter other areas of my house. I appreciate that. They were very neat and cleaned up after themselves. While repiping the bathroom, one of the workers alerted me of the active termites in the wall that he had opened up. Had the wall not been opened up, I would have never known of the problem. By the end of the day, I had new PEX and copper lines installed throughout my house. The crew did not leave until they personally checked and inspected every single faucet and water hook up in my house. They also were very friendly in answering all the questions that I asked of them throughout the day.

The following day, the city inspector came out and had nothing negative at all to say about the work performed. The day after, a different crew came out to repatch all the holes, repair the stucco, and concrete. I forget their names, but they were a father-son duo. They were very friendly, fast, and clean. They were able to finish all the work in about a half a day. Overall, my wife and I were very impressed with the work done and feel that we really got our money's worth. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to repipe their home.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: David Maron
Pleasant Hill, CA

14724 Ventura Blvd. Suite 507

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Dear Mr. Michaelson,

I'm providing you with a brief note to thank you for the professional work Mike's team completed on the copper re-pipe of my home. I was impressed by their professionalism and tireless work effort. They performed superb work and ensured I understood everything that was taking place at all times.

Thank you again for your assistance and the excellent service. Please feel free to reach me anytime at 858-278-0868
Date of Posting: 13 October 2014
Posted By: Joe Rossi
5830 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA 92123
Mr. Jim Michaelson

Repipe 1

14724 Ventura Blvd. Suite 507

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Dear Jim,

It is never good when you have a leak under the slab of your house and know that the repair can run thousands of dollars, sometimes take weeks to complete and leave a mess.

We did get a lucky break when Repipe 1 was suggested as a reputable repair company that focuses on problems such as ours.

Another break came our way when Jose and his crew were assigned our job. His crew arrived on time, were expert workmen, made sure we had water on in the house as quickly as possible and completely cleaned up the job site every day. The work was first rate and the city inspector remarked that it was an excellent repiping job.

When the patching began we did not believe that the walls would ever be the same. But now that job is done we are very pleased with the results. As we repaint the walls we cannot tell where the holes were. It is an excellent, professional job.

Thank you for a job well done. We would gladly recommend Repipe 1 to anyone with this type of problem.
Date of Posting: 23 July 2014
Posted By: David and Susan Brown
Dear Homeowners in the San Jose area:

My house has pipes that were from 1963. I have been putting off repiping for many years because of the cost and hassle involved. When the water in my bathroom sinks became discolored I knew I can no longer wait. I called upona few repipe specialists. I received 3quotes. All of them were professional and explained what needs to be done. I was quoted prices but those were subject to "on the job findings" so if they couldn't repipe my home the same way the sales rep explained I may end up paying more. This was very concerning to me.

When Jim from Repipe 1came to give mean estimate, he gave me everything that needed to be done straight up. The estimate he gave me was exactly what I ended up paying. Jim said we do not subcontract and we have a professional crew that will work around any problems. That's exactly what happened.

On the first day four workers showed up at 0800am. They explained what had to be done. They were extremely knowledgeable and creative in working around some of the challenges especially with my upstairs room. They used PEX to repipe my entire house. The next day they replaced the main line.

Everything went so smooth.When the city inspector came in he was very extremely picky. He examined almost every detail of the Job and gave three minor correction notices. I called Danny shortly afterwards and Danny said "We will correct everything that was noted and you will not have to pay a cent until you are100% satisfied". At 7:00pm that same day, a VAN pulled up at my drive way and the same four workers from Repipe 1 knocked at my door and asked if they can come in and fix the three correction notices that were pointed out by the City Inspector. I let them in and by 10pm they were completely done.

A few days later the same City Inspector came in and signed our permit. He said everything was done to code. The patchers were waiting during the inspection to patch up the walls. In less than 6 hours I had my two-story home with three bathrooms patched up and with texture. They even patched a couple of areas that I have been meaning to patch for a year! The walls were patched to perfection that didn't even require painting!

I will not hesitate to call upon Repipe1again. There is a big difference when the owner of the company gives you a call and says we will do everything to your satisfaction, versus a sales rep giving glossy brochures but with hidden agendas.

The customer service I saw from Repipe 1 is worth every penny!

It's been 8 weeks since I had my home repiped and we could not be happier. I can have three of my family members taking showers in 3 bathrooms even with the lawn sprinklers on, and the water pressure is still strong.

Jim and Danny were honest, professional and very courteous. The crew Repipe 1 workers are extremely knowledgeable and very hardworking. The lifetime warranty is another peace of mind that makes Repipe 1 stands out from the rest.
Date of Posting: 29 June 2014
Posted By: Rami. K.
West San Jose

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the great job your crew did in re-piping my home with the PEX product. Water is working great and my family can actually use all three (3) bathroom showers without any hot water interruption.

What my wife and I was highly impressed with, is how fast your crew was able to complete the work and the number of follow-ups that your office conducted to ensure the work was completed. My wife and I appreciate this, because we didn’t have to make outgoing calls to your office – you took care of it. Thank you very much for the job well done and for the price we paid, it was not only reasonable, but worth it.

You can use me as a referral anytime.
Date of Posting: 29 May 2014
6363 Katella Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630
Repipe 1

We wanted to write and thank Repipe 1 for an excellent job repiping our home.

After discovering a leak in our hot water pipes under the slab in our kitchen, we interviewed several companies. From leak detection companies, to total repipe companies.

Of the repipe companies we interviewed, Jim Michaelson, and Repipe 1 stood out as being the best.

Jim was professional and answered all of our questions.

Once we decided to go with Repipe 1, our home was scheduled for repiping within a week.

The crew was fast, and courteous. They covered all of our furniture, and cleaned up after themselves before they left every evening.

We can't say enough wonderful things about Repipe 1. Please feel free to give any of your potential customers our phone number 707 746 6101, if they'd like to talk to us about our repipe job.

We are so happy with our new pipes!

Thanks again Jim!

Date of Posting: 12 February 2014
Posted By: Debbie and Julian Fierro
Benicia, California
Dan and Jim,

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and your PEX repiping team ( Mike and crew) and your patching team ( Robert and crew) for repiping our copper slab system and repairing the walls.

I thought Mike and his crew did a good job of selecting the least conspicuous spots for breaking into the walls to access the old plumbing and install the PEX connections. The install went smoothly and they were clean and professional.

Similarly Robert and his crew did a great job of repairing the interior drywall and exterior stucco. They worked efficiently. Cleanly and organized while doing a good job of matching the interior and exterior textures.

I can only hope the durability and longevity of my new PEX plumbing will match the quality of the install and repatching.

Date of Posting: 09 December 2013
Posted By: Jeff Dangaran, MD
858-254-4300, La Jolla, CA

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