Repipe 1 Services

Repipe 1 is a full-service repiping company, a very specific area of plumbing, and we are repipe specialists who prefers Uponor PEX piping, a less costly, healthier and greener alternative to copper pipe. Most PEX repiping jobs take 3 days start to finish. We offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. We do have expertise in copper repiping should you choose that option. 

Repiping Procedures

In the morning, our crews will conduct a walk-through of the job with the property owner. Any questions or concerns will be answered, and suggestions from the property owner will be greatly appreciated. To ensure the safety of your property, we cover all your floors, furniture and any other necessary items prior to beginning any job. With your permission, we will shut down your water, cut away your old pipes, conduct the necessary wall openings, extract all debris from the premises, throw all debris in our trucks and haul it away. Now we are ready to provide the ULTIMATE repipe for your most valuable asset, your home.

Repipe 1 Unique & Proven Repiping Process

  1. PEX repiping We use clear poly sheeting on all belongings, furniture, and drop cloths on floors in the work area to protect your home.   
  2. PEX plumbing Our project foreman walks through the home with you to show you the necessary wall openings. By the end of the day the repipe is complete.
  3. copper repiping After the repipe, the master patchers complete the restoration process to bring your home into a seamless position. 
  4. repipe process After wall patching we remove any signs of our repipe dust and then our job is complete. We ALWAYS satisfy our most important person...YOU.

One of the benefits of repiping with PEX is to Increase Water Pressure & Volume

Expert Home Repiping Services include Cooper Repiping and PEX Repiping 

0% interest for 6 months O.A.C

Repipe 1 is a full service repiping company and we completed over 15,000 homes and 5,000 apartment buildings in California with over 20 years of experience.

While we want to earn your business, we want to make sure your health is at our hearts.