• 1. How long will my water be turned off?

    We will ALWAYS have the water on at the end of the workday and you can live in the home while we are repiping your home.
  • 2. Will you leave a mess during the repipe?

    NO, we ALWAYS cover all floors and furniture in our work area and clean at the end of each day. We gather all debris throw it in our trucks and haul it away.
  • 3. What do I need to do during the repipe?

    We do EVERYTHING, we repipe, pull proper permits, call for city inspection, patching, texture. We take care of it all to make your repipe experience a pleasant one.
  • 4. How do I get a free estimate for copper plumbing or PEX plumbing?

    Please call 866-REPIPE-1 or fill out the estimate request form, we will contact you within hours.
  • 5. How much does a repipe cost?

    Our warehouse is currently overstocked with USA copper Type L and we offer the best prices on our copper repipes. As you may know, copper is a commodity and the price of copper is always fluctuating, however, we bought over 1 million dollars in copper pipes at a low commodity price and we can pass the discount over to you. OUR PRICES, SERVICE AND QUALITY CAN NOT BE BEAT.
  • 6. What is the difference between a repipe company and a regular plumbing company?

    Repipe 1 is a repiping company with 15,000 homes of experience since 1991. Our experience is unsurpassed in the repipe industry to provide you with the least amount of disruption to you and your home. We complete our jobs in a timely and cost effective manner, we have the repiping track record to prove it. On the contrary, a regular plumbing company conducts all general aspects and tasks of the plumbing industry and may or may not complete your job in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • 7. What is PEX?

    PEX is crosslinked polyethylene tubing. The main benefits of PEX are that it is eight times more quiet than copper, it is flexible, making it easier to work with, more durable, requires fewer fittings than copper repipe, corrosion resistant, free of metal contaminants, retains heat in hot water lines, reduces condensation on cold water line and is less costly than copper piping.
  • 8. What type of warranty is provided on repipe?

    We provide a lifetime warranty on labor and materials for both PEX plumbing and copper plumbing
  • 9. What is a slab leak?

    A slab leak is a exactly what it sounds like. It is leak under a concrete slab foundation of a structure, home, or building. Usually soft copper pipe is under the slab and the slab feels warm to the touch because a hot water pipe is spraying and leaking. This needs to be attended to immediately because the soil is wet under the structure and the foundation is getting undermined with the water leaking below the slab.
  • 10. Why and how does a slab leak occur?

    There are several reasons why a slab leak occurs. a) The soil is reacting with the under the slab soft copper pipe and causing the the soft copper pipe to deteriorate and form into the coppers original characteristics. Soft copper comes manufactured in a coil version in a garden hose looking package. Copper is not a good material in the soft copper version for delivering domestic potable water. The hard version of copper is the only version in Type L or Type K that is very durable. The soft copper pipe turns very thin through the interior walls and it starts spraying profusely when it is installed under a slab foundation. b.) The slab leak happens because the soft copper pipe under the slab was not sleeved properly and it is reacting with the soil and the surrounding dissimilar metals. When the soft copper was unrolled from the packaging and laid on the ground, it requires to be sleeved with a paper thin poly wrap that deteriorates after a few years anyways. Hence, this will cause the soft copper to be exposed to the soil and steel rebar that is a dissimilar metal to touch the copper and cause electrolysis and shorten the life of the copper pipe. Furthermore, this slab leak for the most part occurs on the hot water side of the potable water delivery system of the home, building or structure. The hot side gets more abuse because the soft copper is expanding and contracting under the slab and deteriorating the exterior of the wall of the pipe at a rapid pace. c.) The soft copper pipe under the slab is also touching the concrete when it comes out of the concrete floor. For the most part, the installers do not cover the copper pipe away from the concrete and this causes a reaction to the pipe and causes pinholes in the soft copper pipe.
  • 11. How do I know that I have a slab leak occurring?

    There are several ways to observe a slab leak occurring. a.) the slab is warm to the touch. b.) the outside water meter dial is spinning even though every fixture in the house is turned off. c.) the hot water heater is consistently running. The gas burner on the water heater is never turning off. d.) the water bill is too high. e.) the gas bill is too high.

Above: PEX bath plumbing or PEX installation

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Uponor PEX, a more recent product, is made in the USA and approved in all 50 USA states including California. PEX pipe is a more eco-friendly (greener), healthier, lead-free alternative to copper. We provide a lifetime warranty on labor and materials. Pex has been used in Europe since the 1980's and is currently used in many new structures in the U.S.

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